With the belief of the importance of design in play group sector, Cemer Kent Ekipmanları San. Tic. A.Ş. completed its studies to establish a design center in December 2016 and established the first private industrial design center of Turkey. Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Faruk Özlü presented design center certificate to Cemer A.Ş. Chairman Fuat Eroğlu in a ceremony held in the ministry. Design Center has started its activities within the scope of “Law on Support the Research and Development Activities”


9040 series is a bench design created to break the usual rude and heavy appearance of concrete. The most significant feature of this bench is that it has softer, lighter and modern lines contrary to common concrete thanks to getting thin profiles from the concrete material, which is usually used thick. The product has received its name 9040 from the profiles starting from 90mm down to 40mm.

Whereas the BEND series has the dynamic, fast and sharp aspects of urban life on the lines, at the same time, it aims to get the people, who become distant from each other in urban life, close to each other thanks to its inward-oriented backrest design. The most critical point of the series is that all products can be produced by bending a single piece of sheet metal.

Bicycle Parks

Atlas is a series that consists of functional amorphous surfaces and carries the cross-sectional view of the nature to the product family with the use of concrete in two different styles. In Atlas series, amorphous surfaces have been used as ergonomic surfaces that change the perception of concrete selected as material. Considering the structural integrity, the cross-sectional view of the product family has been determined as the design line for the unity of the language, and this design line, which is carried to all products of the Atlas series, is used by prioritizing the minimality in some products instead of functionality.

Garbage Buckets

Bermuda series takes its name from Bermuda triangle. The triangle has been used as main form in construction of the products of the series. It is aimed to complete the construction form, which combines fluid lines with smooth transitions, by creating elegant details with thin and long wood.;

Broto means bud in Portuguese. The main aim in the Broto urban equipment series, design lines of which have been created through the inspiration by bud sprouts, is to create aesthetical form that surrounds the wood just like a box by isolating a sprout with simple and minimal lines. For this purpose, this product group that creates innovative and ergonomic use areas has been created.


Bumerang is a series of concrete urban equipment that have the design line that follows each other and was thought as 2 different modules. In the Bumerang series, it is aimed to create a product family that enables users to meet in a common area and creates a socializing area for groups. The three modules that we have foreseen can be created in different combinations appropriate for the area to be created by multiplying in number depending on the requests and conditions.

The EDGE series provides an integrity with today's modern architectural structure, with its appearance and hard sharp edges, while it's surfaces look like facet cuts to provide light breaks.The most critical point of the series is that all products can be produced by bending a single piece of sheet metal.